The Health Benefits of Circumcision


Clinique Médicale Crescent offers elective and medically necessary circumcision services to patients at every stage of life. Discover the health benefits of circumcision by scheduling a consultation today.

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Circumcision is a procedure practiced around the world where the foreskin (loose flap of skin on the penis) is surgically removed. All babies are born with foreskin, but many babies receive a circumcision just hours after birth. Others may elect to receive circumcision at other stages in life.
Circumcision usually takes just a few minutes to perform on babies, but the procedure is a little more involved in older boys and adults. During the procedure, the foreskin on the tip of the penis is removed, exposing the head of the penis. There is very little bleeding involved, and the procedure requires no stitches. The wound will typically heal within 10 days and needs very little care.
Circumcision isn’t medically necessary for most individuals, but many parents elect for their babies to be circumsized because the procedure lowers the risk of certain health issues. As a result of receiving a circumcision, the individual reduces their risk for penile cancer and infection, transmission or contraction of STDs and STIs, urinary tract infections, and hygiene-related issues.
To learn more about the benefits of circumcision, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians.

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How we do it


  • Before the Procedure
  • During the Procedure
  • Circumcision After care
  • We consult with you one-on-one to discuss the entire procedure, including how to care for the wound afterward.
  • The patient will receive an exam to determine his ability to get the procedure.
  • The physicians will ask questions about family health history and other health-related information.
  • You and the doctor will discuss pain control options for during the procedure
  • You have the opportunity to ask any questions about the procedure.
  • The patient is typically awake during the procedure.
  • Local anesthetics will be administered to reduce pain, as well as other authorized pain management methods.
  • The nurse may give your baby a pacifier dipped in sugar water, which has been proven to reduce stress in babies.
  • There are several methods for circumcising infants, including the Gomco Clamp, the Mogen Clamp, and the PlastiBell Technique. Your doctor will have already explained the method to you during your initial meeting.
  • Once complete, the doctor will apply ointment to the wound and wrap the wound in gauze to protect it.
  • Babies are usually returned to the parents almost immediately following the procedure.
  • The penis is usually sore for several days after the procedure, so be gentle in bathing and avoid using harsh bathing products.
  • Regularly apply petroleum jelly to the wound for the first 3-5 days.
  • Call your physician if you notice continual bleeding, redness or swelling that doesn’t subside, fever, not urinating within 12 hours of the operation, or any signs of infection.

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